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Release notes

Nictiz NL package of FHIR STU3 conformance resources for HCIM Release 2017. Includes MedMij and HL7 NL. HCIMs:

This backwards-compatible release fixes the following issues for MedMij information standards:

  • MM-2102 | A "known issue" remark was added to the nl-core-humanname profile to explain that it is not entirely compatible with how names are normally communicated in FHIR – initials and nicknames are added to the same name element rather than additional elements. Guidance has been added on how implementers should deal with this.
  • MM-2080 | Changed HTML to Markdown in the definition field for .clinicalStatus in the profile zib-Problem.
  • MM-2077 | Fixed Markdown formatting in the AllergyIntolerance profile.
  • MM-2074 | In the FHIR IG, an outdated remark has been removed which stated that ConceptMaps cannot formally be linked to profiles, since ConceptMaps are linked using the permitted-value-conceptmap extension. Where the linkage was missing, it has been added to the profiles.
  • MM-2062 | The ConceptMap ErnstCodelijst-to-AllergyIntoleranceSeverity contained wrong 'source' codes. This has been edited to the correct ones.
  • MM-2056 | A common form has been adopted for the internal identifier for mappings within FHIR profiles.
  • MM-2052 | The mapping for the zib root concept has been moved from Observation.code to the correct location of Observation in the profiles for zib IllnessPerception, zib BowelFunction and zib FeedingPatternInfant.
  • MM-2051 | The missing mapping to the root concept of zib OutcomeOfCare has been added to the corresponding profile.
  • MM-2050 | The root concept of the zib Infusion profile was inadvertently mapped as zib FeedingTube. This has been corrected to zib Infusion.
  • MM-2048 | The IG for Vital Signs has been changed to make clear that there is no particular expectation to the combination or order of the stated search parameters and lastn operation.
  • MM-2047 | In the BgLZ FHIR IG, the extra "t" has been removed from searchInclude Observation:related-targett.
  • MM-2044 | The mapping for two implicitly mapped concepts from zib MedicationAdministration2 in het zib-MedicationAdministration FHIR profile has been made explicit.
  • MM-2043 | "The CapabilityStatements for GP Data were matched to the IG. The search parameter date for Observation resources, category for AllergyIntollerance resources and periodofuse for MedicationAgreement were added to the CapabilityStatements.
  • MM-2037 | Fixed the broken mapping on the root of the zib ProcedureRequest profile to zib PlannedCareActivityForTransfer.
  • MM-2010 | Corrected the faulty mapping to the DateOfBirth concept in the zib FamilySituationChild profile.
  • MM-2002 | In the zib-InstructionsForUse profile, the incorrect FHIR native comments in Timing.repeat.timeOfDay and Timing.repeat.dayOfWeek have been altered to clarify the correct use of these elements.
  • MM-1882 | The Handling errors section in the STU3 FHIR IG is supplemented with information on HTTP 401 and what is the expected response when unauthorized. Also an example of a FHIR OperationOutcome for this scenario is added.
  • MM-1839 | In the FHIR IG, the use of Resource.identifier is made "recommended".

The package containing the snapshot versions of the StructureDefinitions (profiles) can be downloaded on Simplifier.

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