Profiling Academy

The Profiling Academy is an online school for FHIR profiling.

The classwork consists of instruction, real world examples and exercises laid out into modules that start with the basics and cover the fundamentals of Profiling.

The Profiling Academy was created by a team of profiling experts that have experience working with companies all over the world as a way to capture their experiences and knowledge.


Simplifier’s documentation site is the place where you can find documentation of the products that we develop.

For example, we provide release notes and explanations of (newly) available features. Currently documented projects are: Simplifier, Forge, Firely Server and the Firely .NET SDK.

 Training courses

Our training courses offer attendees the opportunity to get to know FHIR as well as hands on experience building software that uses FHIR to exchange and process health data.

We offer tailor-made training as well as 1- and 2-day courses on HL7 FHIR and Profiling at a beginner or advanced level.


Link to the official FHIR specification: