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The FHIR for Jurisdictions Handbook

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What is FHIR?

FHIR is transforming interoperability in healthcare – but exactly what is it?

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Resource Categories

MappingFile (582)
LogicalModel (1306)
CodeSystem (20610)
Layout (21322)
TestScript (114)
Text (71735)
Example (46223)
ConceptMap (1950)
SearchParameter (17148)
ValueSet (38627)
Image (16543)
DataElement (4427)
NamingSystem (2102)
Extension (19475)
Profile (34910)

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The registry.fhir.org is a central point to search for published FHIR Resources:

You can find published STU3 and R4 profiles, extensions, terminology-related and other conformance resources.

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