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We are excited to announce the release of Simplifier 31.3 from May 2024, featuring the new "Products" functionality! This update brings a range of new capabilities designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow.

Products (Alpha Release)

The highlight of this release is the introduction of the "Products" feature, which allows organizations to advertise private FHIR content products directly through the Simplifier marketplace for FHIR. In this initial alpha release, you can add Published Guides and private Packages as product components. This feature includes several new pages to support the product lifecycle:

  • Marketplace: Browse available products.
  • Product Cart: Manage items you wish to purchase.
  • Checkout: Complete your purchase securely.
  • Purchased Products: View and manage your purchased items.
  • Product Creation/Edit Page: Create and edit your products.
  • Product Page: Detailed view of individual products.

Check out the demo below for a full overview:


We have introduced jurisdiction pages to provide relevant information based on geographic location. By clicking on a country on the homepage map, you will be directed to a page with specific information for that country. This feature is in its initial release and will be expanded based on user feedback.

The source for the jurisdiction information is the Simplifier jurisdictions GitHub repository, so feel free to send a pull request if you have any updates or corrections!

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to improve Simplifier to meet your needs. Happy simplifying!

See the Simplifier release notes in the Docs for the full story.

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