FHIR publication platform and registry

Simplifier.net is an online platform to author and publish FHIR data models (profiles). See Features to learn about all the features that Simplifier provides.


Simplifier.net is first and foremost a registry. You can You can find, view and inspect all FHIR datamodels in the world. Whether you look for profiles or other conformance resources like DataTypes, Extensions, ValueSets, CodeSystems, CapabilityStatements. Simplifier is the ideal place to see the relationship between different profiles.


As anauthor you can create, upload, validate profiles and any other FHIR Conformance Resources.

Collaboration platform

Simplifier is about collaboration, feedback, quality improvement and sharing. It brings all the functionality for management of FHIR Resources and collaboration in teams.


Simplifier allows you to publish your work in progress, using projects, publish ballotted final models as packages, and write and publish all documentation on it with modern Iplementationusing Guides.

Developers and Implementers

If you need to implement or work with FHIR publications, Simplifier has a lot to offer, from downloading resources and packages, to visualising relations, finding documentation, and resolving references. You can validate your data against every specification and any FHIR profile in the registry.


Simplifier.net distinguishes between free (personal) plans and paid plans. Anyone can find and download Resources in this Registry, with or without an account. Creating Resources requires an account. Paid plans are targeted at professional users and organizations.


FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) is an HL7 standard for information exchange in health care. It is based on Internet technology. More information about FHIR can be found at http://www.hl7.org/fhir/.

Forge Profile Editor

The FHIR Profile editing tool Forge (http://fire.ly/forge/) can be used off-line and independently from Simplifier.net.

Firely Terminal

Firely Terminal is a command line tool that is design to allow flexible interaction with all kinds of FHIR data and FHIR servers, and has a big toolbox to build develop and publication pipelines with FHIR model and data.


Simplifier.net is created and managed by Firely. Firely is a health IT company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company was founded in 1993. Firely has been involved in FHIR since the early beginning of FHIR in 2012. For more information about our company, please visit http://fire.ly/.

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