Search within the registry for projects, profiles and examples. Filter on nationality, resource type, scope and text.
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Beautiful rendering of profiles as tree, UML or table.
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Download as XML, JSON or ZIP. One resource at a time or a set of resources of a project.
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FHIR integration

Every project has its own public FHIR endpoint.
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To organize and group your profiles and example resources.
Connect your resources to any online FHIR tool. Create your own connector.
Follow your projects and resources for easy finding and get a digest mail with updates.
Upload resources from a file, bundle or ZIP, or fetch from any FHIR server. Sync with Github (XML and JSON).
View the history of changes of a resource. Compare with older versions (diff).
Visual Implementation Guide Editor and Viewer. Renders all FHIR content, Customizable layout.

Private projects

Private projects for internal collaboration or publish-when-ready.


Team members. Work with your team on a project. Authorization. Log changes. Issue tracking.


Store your files on GitHub and auto update all changes to your resources in Simplifier.


Collaborate through issue tracking. Customizable workflow status.

Enterprise portal

Give your organization a home on Simplifier. A portal for centralized project management. Publish blog or news items.