French Profiled FHIR Artefacts

FHIR profiles, extensions, value sets and implementation guides for usage in France
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Status overview

This project is owned by HL7 France and IHE France, folded in the non-profit association Interop'Santé.

The project builds, approves and maintains over time the FHIR artefacts profiled for usage on the French territory. The project was triggered by the publication of FHIR STU3. The production and maintenance is broken down into functional topics such as:

  • Patient Administration,
  • Organizations & Locations,
  • Scheduling,
  • Financial Management,
  • Document Management...

The profiling activities prioritize resources with a sufficient (>=3) maturity level. Each functional topic is handled by a dedicated work group of Interop'Santé, convening software vendors, professionals from healthcare institutions and representatives from governmental agencies. Consensus on the profiled FHIR artefacts is established first at the work group level, and then at membership level.

These activities are led by Isabelle Gibaud (Phast-Services, cochair IHE France), François Macary (Phast-Services, chair HL7 France), Eric Dufour (SELIC, technical lead H'xml).

Participants to the Work Groups: FHIR Profiling