Command line tool

Firely Terminal is a command line tool for fhir. You get a whole range of small utilities at your disposal with just typing fhir in the command line.

You can read more about it here.


Make sure the .NET Core 3.1 SDK is installed. If you run into issues see this page: trouble shooting

Run fhir -h for help
Run fhir -h for help


> fhir spec r4 > fhir server add fs > fhir read fs AllergyIntolerance/c396d692-74f4-46d1-90a2-41ac056f2ad2 > fhir save allergy1.json Resource from top of stack saved as allergy1.json > fhir search fs Observation _count=20 20 resources where pushed on the stack > fhir bundle Pushed bundle on the stack > fhir resolve Resource found in Simplifier. Pushed on the stack.
  • Download and upload fhir resources
  • Communicate with fhir servers: get, put, post, search
  • Install, create and manage fhir packages
  • Bundle resources, and split bundles
  • Snapshot generation, ValueSet expansion
  • Data querying
  • Transform resources to xml or json
  • Quality Control and bulk validation
  • Resolve canonical URL's
  • Profiled Resource Validation
  • Create snapshots
  • Synchronize Simplifier projects with a local folder
  • Filter resources with FhirPath
  • Save resources with a filename built from fields in the resource