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Release notes
  • MM-1007 | The IG for the Images information standard included broken links to example instances on Simplifier. These have been removed and replaced with a general link to example instances on Simplifier.
  • MM-997 | The consent-additionalSources extension for the zib-TreatmentDirective profile had a context restriction on Consent.source, while it actually was applied on Consent directly. This fix removes that restriction.
  • MM-979 | The IG for eAfspraak incorrectly labeled the "$prefetch" operation as "$find", while the OperationDefinition filename and .id also incorrectly used "find" rather than "prefetch". This has been corrected.
  • MM-975 | Update CapabilityStatements of PDF/A information standard to include recovered IHE profiles.
  • MM-969 | Fixed irrelevant value of & address.district in all examples.
  • MM-958 | The profile zib-InstructionsForUse profile used capitalized names for the DoseRange and DoseQuantity slices. Since type slices should start lowercased in FHIR, this has been changed to doseRange and doseQuantity.
  • MM-953 | Added documentation to conceptmap-ProbleemStatusCodelijst-To-Condition-Clinical-Status-Codes explaining what the relationship is between codes with equivalence type "specializes".
  • MM-947 | Extension code-specification is in use under, but this context was not yet declared as valid in this extension. This has been fixed.
  • MM-945 | Added IHE.FormatCode.vs ValueSet to the package, which is referenced in the IHE MHD STU3 profile (which was already included).
  • MM-943 | Updated coding.display names in extension-comment extension and in example instance (zib-Stoma-01) to match the display name in LOINC.
  • MM-942 | References to XML Schematron have been removed from example instances. These do not serve any implementation purpose and are not permitted by the Java validator.
  • MM-940 | In an embedded example in profile zib-MedicationUse, an incorrect oid based SNOMED reference was used. This has been corrected.
  • MM-938 | For a number of profiles, the in now matches the final part of StructureDefinition.url. This improves predictability of handling the profile set in various reference frameworks.
  • MM-931 | Updated example zib-NursingIntervention-01 to conform to its stated profile.
  • MM-930 | .description and .id were absent in all ConceptMap recources. These two values have been added, with .id containing the final part of the canonical url.
  • MM-926 | In profiles zib-MedicalDeviceRequest and zib-AllergyIntolerance, add type slices on in order to conform to FHIR rules for extending polymorphic elements.
  • MM-894 | In zib-FamilySituation, zib-FamilySituationChild and zib-BodyHeight profiles, remove additional reference types from subject element.
  • MM-751 | Upped fhirVersion in FHIR profiles from "3.0.1" to "3.0.2." Changed Simplifier package dependency from "Simplifier.Core.STU3 3.0.3" to "hl7.fhir.r3.core 3.0.2".
  • MM-657 | Removed datatype Reference(EpisodeOfCare) and Reference(Encounter) in the .context element of the profiles zib-AlcoholUse, zib-DrugUse and zib-TobaccoUse.
hl7.fhir.r3.core 3.0.2
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