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Release notes

Nictiz NL package of FHIR STU3 conformance resources for HCIM Release 2017. Includes MedMij and HL7 NL. HCIMs:

This backwards-compatible release fixes the following issues for MedMij information standards:

  • MM-1675 | In the error handling section of the general IG, the explanation for "no match" and the description for "known but unsupported parameter value" have been improved. "Unsupported search parameter" has been added as a link to the section on search.
  • MM-1651 | In the FHIR IG section on handling errors, the status code for unauthorized requests has been adjusted from 401 to 403. In the introduction text, a reference to the FHIR security spec has been added.
  • MM-1624 | On the BgZ FHIR IG, the term "BgLZ" was used by mistake, this has been changed to the correct term "BgZ".
  • MM-1593 | A missing mapping for mobile phone numbers has been added to the mapping table in the nl-core-contactpoint profile, the Dutch HCIM translations have been removed from the mapping table to improve readability.
  • MM-1592 | Updated the version numbers of 2 extensions, which had status 'active' and a version number starting with 0.x, to 1.0.0.
  • MM-1589 | Corrected the display value for SNOMED code 79899007 in an embedded example of FHIR profile zib-MedicationUse.
  • MM-1580 | In the FHIR profile gp-DiagnosticResult, added guidance for the use of NHG Table 45 on Observation.value.
  • MM-1566 | The IG page for error handling examples has been moved from the "MedMij" wiki namespace to the "FHIR" namespace, in accordance to the IG page itself.
  • MM-1465 | De patient journey van Thomas van Beek bevatte het concept voor een gegevensdienst 'verwijzingen', die echter nooit doorontwikkeld is. Dit concept is verwijderd uit de visualisatie en de beschrijving.
  • MM-1385 | In the Simplifier project view, the status badge for profiles has been changed from "active" to "prerelease" as a visual indication that profiles in this view do not align with the released profiles in the package.
  • MM-1292 | There were no clear style guides for technical documentation. Guidance has been created for common situations and the IG is updated in accordance to these styles.
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