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Release notes

Nictiz NL package of FHIR STU3 conformance resources for HCIM Release 2017. Includes MedMij and HL7 NL. HCIMs:

This backwards-compatible release fixes the following issues for MedMij information standards:

  • MM-1925 | Replaced the text on "Use of the reference datatype" in the 2019.01 version of the MedMij FHIR IG with the updated text from the 2020.01 version of the MedMij FHIR IG (FHIR IG 1.0).
  • MM-1911 | We have fixed an incorrect hyperlink in the profiles nl-core-patient & nl-core-person to the ConceptMap of GeslachtsCodeLijst to AdministrativeGender.
  • MM-1910 | In several Medication related profiles, the base resource comment has been removed from the medication element to align with the more restricted use case in the profiles.
  • MM-1796 | Added a remark to ValueSet NHGTable14v7-ContactType about leading zeros.
  • MM-1750 | De Nictiz FHIR 3.0.1 en Nictiz Dev testsystemen zijn verwijderd in Touchstone.
  • MM-1656 | The Medication Process example search requests are improved by fixing typos and adding additional examples.
hl7.fhir.r3.core 3.0.2