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Release notes

Nictiz NL package of FHIR STU3 conformance resources for HCIM Release 2017. Includes MedMij and HL7 NL. HCIMs:

This backwards-compatible release fixes the following issues for MedMij information standards:

  • MM-2008 | The display value of the AverageBloodPressureLOINC code has been moved to Observation.component:AverageBloodPressureLOINC.code.coding.display in the zib-BloodPressure FHIR profile.
  • MM-2007 | The mappings in the HCIM Problem FHIR profile incorrectly pointed to HCIM Problem version 1.2, where this should be version 4.1. This is corrected.
  • MM-1978 | The mapping for HCIM concept PainscoreValue (NL-CM:12.9.2) was missing in the FHIR profile for zib-Painscore, this has been corrected. The mapping is added on the Observation.value:valueQuantity element.
  • MM-1962 | The CapabilityStatements for Vital Signs 2.x (2020.01) differed from the requirements stated in the FHIR IG, this is corrected on the following items: added missing profiles: vitalsign-bloodglucose, zib-BodyWeight, zib-Pulserate, removed invalid profile "bp", removed unnecessary profiles: bodyweight, oxygensat and vitalsigns, added the lastn operation. For implementer convenience, the profiles nl-core-patient and nl-core-practitioner are added to the FHIR IG. Those were already present in the CapabilityStatement.
  • MM-1881 | Created a ConceptMap for the ValueSet OrderStatusCodelijst (in HCIM ProcedureRequest) to RequestStatus and added it to the HCIM ProcedureRequest FHIR profile.
  • MM-1795 | In the STU3 FHIR IG a section is added on CapabilityStatements, this explains their informative nature. The same text is added to the CapabilityStatement instances.
  • MM-1521 | An extension has been added to the profiles gp-DiagnosticResult, gp-JournalEntry, gp-LaboratoryResult and zib-MedicationAgreement to reference an EpisodeOfCare (in gp context). A remark is placed on the .context element of these profiles and in the IG for GP that this new extension should be used rather than the .context element. The GP 2.x (2020.01) qualification materials have been updated to the new situation.
hl7.fhir.r3.core 3.0.2
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