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Release notes

NOTE: This version replaces the earlier versions 1.3.7 and 1.3.8, which both are retracted due to a malfunction during package creation.

Nictiz NL package of FHIR STU3 conformance resources for HCIM Release 2017. Includes MedMij and HL7 NL. HCIMs:

This backwards-compatible release fixes the following issues for MedMij information standards:

  • MM-1059 | Fixed a typo in the BgLZ FHIR IG: changed 'Patient.general-pracitioner' to 'Patient.generalPractitioner'
  • MM-1053 | Changed mapping name in nl-core-organization profile from 'HCIM Patient-v3.1.1(2017EN)' to the correct 'HealthcareProvider-v3.1.1(2017EN)' as it was incorrect and could lead to misunderstanding.
  • MM-1032 | Removed the explicit slice "masterIdentifier" from the images-Media profile, as it was impossible to define a discriminator. The masterIdentifier concept is now defined directly on Media.identifier.
  • MM-1025 | Corrected the slicing logic at the discriminator path in the zib-Procedure profile.
  • MM-1017 | The SelfMeasurements IG incorrectly didn't mention the PulseRate profile. This has been added.
  • MM-1015 | Added a generated narrative to all example instances.
  • MM-1003 | In extensions zib-Payer-BankInformation and zib-TreatmentDirective-Verification, add the (required) .url element, and remove this url from the calling profile zib-Payer.
  • MM-1002 | In extension patient-nationality of the nl-core-patient profile, the binding on NationaleCodelijst has been moved from the root to the code slice.
  • MM-954 | Removed several stand-alone examples for the Images standard which were already present in an example Bundle, as they only have meaning within a Bundle context. Removed an illegal extension from one of the Images examples.
  • MM-949 | The ExtraOxygenAdministration concept in the zib-OxygenSaturation profile was illegally bound on a CodeSystem. This binding has been changed to the corresponding ValueSet.
  • MM-939 | The report element in the zib-Procedure profile used a non-existing canonical as a reference to the zib-TextResult profile. This has been fixed.
  • MM-929 | Added the code-specification extension to all examples where a ConceptMap is involved to clarify its use.
  • MM-770 | Updated example materials of nl-core-contactpoint profile to include relevant extensions as required by the zib and fixed mistakes in mapping.
  • MM-672 | Er werden verouderde en verschillende schrijfwijzen gehanteerd van de term zib en zibs (afkorting van zorginformatiebouwstenen), dit is gecorrigeerd in de MedMij standaarden
  • MM-513 | In the nl-core-organization examples, added Organization.partOf for the aid of interpreting what an organization with multiple locations looks like.
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