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Nictiz NL package of FHIR STU3 conformance resources for HCIM Release 2017. Includes MedMij and HL7 NL. HCIMs:

This release contains the (backwards incompatible) changes for the Summer release 2020.01, which follows the earlier 2019.01 releases. It applies to the Nictiz FHIR STU3 conformance resources and MedMij information standards.

The following changes are included:

  • MM-1345 | Notebox opgenomen in het functioneel ontwerp van Vragenlijsten, welke toelicht dat de uitwisseling voor de use case 'Raadplegen vragenlijst' op dit moment niet via het MedMij Afsprakenstelsel kan plaatsvinden.
  • MM-1284 | Correctie op volgorde van benoemde processtappen use case raadplegen binnen de informatiestandaard Zelfmetingen, proces stond verkeerd om beschreven.
  • MM-1220 | De leesbaarheid van de kwalificatiepagina is vergroot. Hierbij zijn de procedurele eisen opgeschreven en is de FAQ toegevoegd.
  • MM-1204 | In the zib-BloodPressure profile, the slices for diastolic and systolic pressure have been made required.
  • MM-1177 | The information standard specific artifacts for MedicationProcss, eAfspraak, Images and BgZ have been split out from the main project/package and put into separate projects/packages. *
  • MM-1165 | To aid in a simpler HCIM mapping, the code-specification extensions on the .system and .use element in the nl-core-contactpoint profile where removed and replaced by one new extension: TelecomType. The usage of this extension and the corresponding mapping are added to the profile definition. Also changed the obsolete HCIM term 'TelecomSoort' in the profile and ConceptMaps to the now used 'TelecomType'.
  • MM-1121 | Change the profile requirement for the PDF retrieve use case from the IHE profiles to the profiles adapted by Nictiz to fix slicing issues.
  • MM-1119 | De herleidbaarheid van gegevens (data-elementen) wordt expliciet benoemd en een expliciet onderdeel van kwalificatie.
  • MM-1118 | All information standards contained sections about error handling without added value to the FHIR specification. This has been replaced with a reference to the Overarching Principles on the main FHIR IG page. The given information here has been deduplicated from the FHIR specification. Examples are given to provide added value by putting error handling in perspective to the use in the information standards.
  • MM-1092 | An extra scenario is added for SelfMeasurements MedMij qualification. This scenario adds PHR and XIS testscripts with a search on Observation resources with category 'vital signs'.
  • MM-1090 | The AD_use extension was incorrectly used on the .use element instead of the root of the profile. The extension was replaced by a custom extension named AddressType, for a simpler and more complete mapping mechanism for HCIM AddressInformation.
  • MM-1080 | Het kwalificatiemateriaal voor Zelfmetingen wordt per use case gepubliceerd. Een (kandidaat-)deelnemer is niet verplicht te kwalificeren op meerdere use cases. Met het opknippen van het kwalificatiescript wordt dit verduidelijkt.
  • MM-1079 | Het kwalificatiemateriaal voor PDF/A wordt per use case gepubliceerd. Een (kandidaat-)deelnemer is niet verplicht te kwalificeren op meerdere use cases. Met het opknippen van het kwalificatiescript wordt dit verduidelijkt.
  • MM-1069 | The IHE MHD list of search parameters was deemed to pose a disproportionate implementation burden for servers. A selection of the most appropriate and likely used search parameters has been made.
  • MM-1050 | The FHIR specification on Resource.text is not completely clear and found multi interpretable. Therefore, additional explanation and guidance on this subject is added to the MedMij FHIR IG.
  • MM-1036 | The code-specification extension was not used on all the required elements where it is required in the qualification material, this has been corrected.
  • MM-1034 | It was not possible to distinguish a version-specific identifier among identifiers in the instance of a Media resource. This is solved by adding a mandatory fixed value at identifier.use in the identifier. *
  • MM-1006 | Sub-measurements in the zib-GeneralMeasurement have been changed from Observation.component's to a set of related zib-GeneralMeasurement instances. Additionally, the ResultStatusCodelist is added to Observation.status.
  • MM-972 | The definition for the use of the lastn operation is unclear in the FHIR specification, therefore interpretation is added to the FHIR IG's of the information standards that use lastn.
  • MM-941 | In the profile zib-LaboratoryTestResult-DiagnosticReport, corrected the reference to the Specimen Isolate profile, which makes it implementable.
  • MM-898 | In zib-LaboratoryTestResult-Observation, Observation.interpretation.coding is sliced to support both the FHIR core ValueSet and the (partially overlapping) HCIM ValueSet.
  • MM-854 | Add the requirement to the overarching IG that FHIR resources should adhere to the profiles listed in the IG's of the information standard.
  • MM-816 | Removed additional constraints on .author reference to allow for a Patient reference.
  • MM-767 | In zib-LaboratoryTestResult-Speciment(-Isolate), an extension to Speciment.collectionPeriod has been added to support the TimeInterval datatype from the pre-adopted HCIM.
  • MM-733 | Scenario's voor AllergieIntolerantie in ART-DECOR ontwikkeld, zodat deze in lijn zijn met de zib. Dit geeft meer duiding.
  • MM-722 | De leesbaarheid van het Functioneel Ontwerp van AllergieIntolerantie verbeterd op basis van de zib. Tevens verwijzingen naar de dataset en de scenario's opgenomen.
  • MM-717 | De kwalificatiescripts uitgebreid met meer data, datum T geïmplementeerd en dit ontsloten via ADA. Dit komt de kwaliteit en de leesbaarheid van het kwalificatiemateriaal ten goede.
  • MM-616 | The mapping of the element RegistrationDate from HCIM AllergyIntolerance has been changed from AllergyIntolerance.reaction.onset to AllergyIntolerance.onsetDateTime. The mapping on StartDateTime has been changed from AllergyIntolerance.onset to AllergyIntolerance.onsetDateTime.
  • MM-614 | The cardinality of element AllergyIntolerance.code is now 1..1 in the zib-AllergyIntolerance profile, so it aligns with HCIM AllergyIntolerance.
  • MM-529 | In the IG for GP Data, added a missing pipe symbol to the search URL for lab results so that the search is to be interpreted as the code system rather than the code.
  • MM-511 | In profile zib-LaboratoryTestResult-DiagnosticReport, make the "resultType" slice in DiagnosticReport.category.coding optional in accordance to the zib.
  • MM-507 | In "VitalSigns Profile NL", the cardinality of Observation.performer is relaxed from 1..* to 0..*
  • MM-476 | The unit of the LOINC code used for fasting blood glucose differed from the unit used in the other blood glucose LOINC codes. To rectify this, code 41604-0 was changed to 14770-2 in the valueset 'GlucoseMeetmomentenLOINCCodelijst' and on the SelfMeasurements FHIR IG. This has also been changed in the qualification material.
  • MM-451 | In het Addenda en in FHIR/ART-DECOR wordt de incomplete code: SoortInterventieCodelijst SNOMED CT 2921100014610 (gedwongen medicatie) vervangen door de juiste: SNOMED CT 29211000146105
  • MM-437 | Updated search parameter related information on wiki pages for each standard and added chapter on search parameters to overarching principles.
  • MM-433 | Many slicing definitions were incorrect or not working properly, especially slice definitions that are differentiated by bound ValueSets. These slice definitions are now fixed and improved, allowing validators to correctly validate instances.
  • MM-421 | To aid in better interoperability between systems, several improvements have been made to the GP Data information standard, in functional design, FHIR IG, FHIR profiles and qualification material. Enumerated this means: Added Encounter (Contactmoment) and added explanation for parted contacts (Deelcontacten), Removed query on Flag, because it was already included in EpisodeOfCare, Queries on general practitioner and patient have been made optional, because they are referenced and/or included in every other resource, Added use-case relevant examples, Changed LOINC code 67781-5 to 34900-1 (already used in the Ketenzorg information standard), Aligned CapabilityStatements and qualification material in accordance with the above changes.
  • MM-419 | The example search URL for NutritionAdvice contained a paramater for status=active, where the BgZ information standard specifies a search for all known NutritionAdvice resources. Also, status is not a concept in HCIM NutritionAdvice, which makes use of this element unnecessary. As a result, the status parameter is removed from the example search url and from the BgZ qualification material.
  • MM-404 | In the HCIM Procedure profile, expanded the Procedure.performedPeriod element to Procedure.performed. With this expansion, the profile meets the requirements of the HCIM, namely to capture a moment in time instead of a start/end date.
  • MM-319 | In the HCIM Problem profile, the .onsetPeriod element was used to capture the HCIM concepts ProblemStartDate and ProblemEndDate, while no period is captured in the HCIM. Therefore, Condition.onsetPeriod is changed to Condition.onsetDateTime and the HCIM mapping for ProblemStartDate is corrected. The mapping for ProblemEndDate has been moved to Condition.abatementDateTime.
  • MM-221 | In Observation based profiles, where fixed values are used in .code slices and a value is expected to be present, changed the cardinality to 1..1.

* MM-1177 splits up information standard specific profiles for standards BgZ, eAfspraak and Images. As a result, they are moved to separate repositories, which can be found here (BgZ) here (eAfspraak) and here (Images).

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