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Release notes
  1. Added the follwing resources:

    Extension: ext-statistical-area ext-qualification-practice

    CodeSystem: practitioner-certificate-type-moh practitioner-education-type-moh

    ValueSet: statistical-area-uri practitioner-certificate-type-moh practitioner-education-type-moh

    NamingSystem: cbs-statistical-area

    Example: patient-israeli-with-statistical-area patient-with-multiple-birth practitioner-psychologist organization-school-moe

  2. Modified the following resources:

    StructureDefinition: il-core-address: Added the statistical area extension to the "extension" element il-core-organization: Added an Identifier Slice: "MoE institute symbol" il-core-patient: Added us-core-birth-sex as "birth-sex" il-core-relatedPerson: Changed address to il-core-address

    Examples: All examples were given more descriptive IDs. e.g.: patient-passport --> patient-with-passport-identification Patient: -israeli-with-two-identifiers / patient-with-passport-identification: Added "statisticalArea" extension

  3. Corrected uri for MOH-institution-licences (https --> http)

hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.14.3     latest
il.core.fhir.r4 0.14.2
il.core.fhir.r4 0.14.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.14.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.13.2
il.core.fhir.r4 0.13.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.13.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.12.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.12.0-snapshots
il.core.fhir.r4 0.11.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.11.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.10.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.10.1-snapshots
il.core.fhir.r4 0.10.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.9.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.9.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.8.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.8.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.7.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.6.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.5.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.4.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.3.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.2.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.1.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.1.0
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