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Release notes
  1. The following resources (id) have been retired: ValueSets: medical-service-code

  2. Changed id of the following resources ([old id] --> [new id]):

    StructureDefinitions: il-core-practitionerrole --> il-core-practitioner-role

    Extensions: il-hmo --> ext-il-hmo il-parent-name --> ext-parent-name

    CodeSystems: cs-paying-entity-moh --> paying-entity-moh

    ValueSets: institution-types-moh-vs --> institution-type-moh practitioner-expertise-moh-vs --> practitioner-expertise-moh practitioner-profession-vs --> practitioner-profession-moh

  3. Added following resources (id): ValueSets: medical-service-moh

    CodeSystems: medical-service-moh

  4. Fixed all hanging references in resources due to these changes

  5. Changed canonical base URL of entire project to This change affects all URIs that were previously under the domain and all it's subdomains.

hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.11.0     latest
il.core.fhir.r4 0.10.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.10.1-snapshots
il.core.fhir.r4 0.10.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.9.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.9.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.8.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.8.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.7.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.6.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.5.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.4.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.3.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.2.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.1.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.1.0
Project Israel Core

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