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Release notes
  1. The following resources (id) have been added:

    StructureDefinitions: il-core-address il-core-location il-core-organization il-core-patient il-core-practitioner il-core-practitionerrole

    Extensions: ext-city-code il-hmo parent-name

    CodeSystems: city-symbol cs-paying-entity passport-uri

    ValueSets: city-symbol israel-hmo passport-uri

    Examples: Location-rambam Organization-ministry-of-health Patient-israeli Patient-palestinian Patient-passport Practitioner-gp Practitioner-nurse PractitionerRole-gp-role

hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.5.0     latest
il.core.fhir.r4 0.4.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.3.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.2.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.1.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.1.0
Project Israel Core

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