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Release notes

  1. Added the following resources: CodeSystem: il-core-not-performed-reason

    ValueSet: il-core-procedure-reason il-core-service-category il-core-not-performed-reason

    NamingSystem: practitioner-license nurse-registration practitioner-instructor practitioner-expertise nurse-expertise social-worker

    Example: bloodwork-before-partial-parotidectomy condition-type-1-diabetes

  2. Modified the following resources: StructureDefinition: il-core-service-request: Fleshed out to conform to the IL-Core profiling il-core-observation: Fleshed out to conform to the IL-Core profiling il-core-allergy-intollerance: changed binding strenght for several elements il-core-patient: removed the cardinality on identifier:il-id.period - it was erroneous il-core-organization: Changed the name of the slice identifier:moh-inst-license to identifier:moh-inst-symbol. This change should not affect your work

     		updated list of codes
     		removed 3 codes (101, 102, 103)
     	All practitioner examples have been updated to represent the extensive changes to the qualification section
     	both immunization examples have been updated with a new SNOMED-CT code
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il.core.fhir.r4 0.14.2
il.core.fhir.r4 0.14.1
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il.core.fhir.r4 0.13.1
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il.core.fhir.r4 0.12.0-snapshots
il.core.fhir.r4 0.11.1
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il.core.fhir.r4 0.10.1-snapshots
il.core.fhir.r4 0.10.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.9.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.9.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.8.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.8.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.7.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.6.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.5.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.4.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.3.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.2.0
il.core.fhir.r4 0.1.1
il.core.fhir.r4 0.1.0
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