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Release notes

This beta release introduces the following changes:

  • MM-4720: The profile for zib DevelopmentChild has been published.
  • MM-4721: The profile for zib PulseRate has been published.
  • MM-4742: The profile for zib SkinDisorder has been published.
  • MM-4748: In the profiles for zib LaboratoryTestResult, the documentation has been improved on several occasions.
  • MM-4750: The ValueSets for the zib AllergyIntolerance concepts CausativeAgent and SpecificSubstance refer a newer SNOMED refset, in line with the erratum published for zib AllergyIntolerance.
  • MM-4752: Slices with multiple targetProfiles are separated if slicing is based on the targetProfile. This is documented in the profiling guidelines.
  • MM-4760: In the zib and nl-core profiles for Encounter, the slice for zib HealthProfessional now focusses only on the relevant profile and a binding to ZorgverlenerRolCodelijst has been added to the slice.
  • MM-4804: The profile for zib StrongKidsScore has been published.
  • MM-4808: In the profiles for the score zibs that use coded ordinals (Apgar, ComfortScale, FLACCpainScale, MUSTScore, StrongKidsScore), a comment is added that the ordinal values are added to the ValueSets using an extension.
hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1

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