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Release notes

This beta release introduces the following changes:

  • MM-4747: In the profile zib-LaboratoryTestResult, a note has been added on Observation.performer as to why the reference is to the Organization profile rather than the Location profile.
  • MM-4791: In the ConceptMap of AllergyCategory, '419199007 subsumes biologic' has been changed to '419199007 specializes biologic'.
  • MM-4826: Suggested Solution EN:The profile for zib IllnessPerception has been published.
  • MM-4832: Zib LifeStance has been migrated from and extension to a stand-alone Observation.
  • MM-4876: The profiles for zib Pregnancy have been published
  • MM-4882: The description and purpose of extension ext-TimeInterval.Period have been made more clear.
  • MM-4894: The profile for zib BarthelADLIndex has been published.
  • MM-4895: The profiles for zib FeedingPatternInfant have been published.
  • MM-4896: The profile for zib PainScore has been published.
  • MM-4953: The profiles for zib BowelFunction have been published.
  • MM-4968: The profiling guidelines now specify that patterns should be used in favor of fixed values, in line with the future guidelines of FHIR core. Several previously made profiles have been adjusted.
  • MM-4982: In profile zib-Problem/SkinDisorder/Stoma, on Condition.bodySite, a binding has been added to ValueSet LocatieCodelijsten. This ValueSet is dictated by zib AnatomicalLocation, but was missing on this element
  • MM-4984: The comment on the root of profile zib-LaboratoryTestResult wrongly stated that zib concept 'GerelateerdeUitslag' has been mapped onto the relatedResult extension. This comment has been adjusted to make clear that it is about the sequelTo extension.
  • MM-4986: The ConceptMap referenced on ContactInformation.use in zib-ContactInformation-EmailAdresses is about the mapping from zib ValueSet EmailSoortCodelijst to the FHIR ValueSet, but stated to be about the mapping from zib ValueSet NummerSoortCodelijst. This has been adjusted.
  • MM-4988: The mapping of PatientIdentificationNumber (NL-CM:0.1.7) in the zib-Patient profile was placed on the slice for BSN. It has been moved to the identifier itself as the PatientIdentificationNumber is 0..* and can contain other identificationnumbers than the BSN.
hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1

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