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Release notes

Version 2.0.0-beta.3 release of FHIR R4 conformance resources for Medication Process 9 (MP9) version 3.0.0-beta.3.

Please consult the implementation guide for more information:

This release includes the following changes:

  • MP-710: The ValueSet MedicatieToedieningRedenVanAfwijkenCodelijst used in the MedicationAdministration profile has been updated.
  • MP-1061: The short value of the .context element in the DispenseRequest, MedicationAgreement, MedicationUse and VariableDosingRegimen profiles has been changed from RelationContact to RelationEncounter.
  • MP-1367: The definition of the AdministeringSpeed concept has been changed in the MedicationAdministration and InstructionForUse profiles. The data type of the .rateQuantity element in the InstructionsForUse profile has been changed from GstdSimpleQuantity to SimpleQuantity.
  • MP-1390: Added extension ext-RegistrationDateTime to the MedicationAdministration profile.
  • MP-1392: The comment on the .status element in the MedicationAdministration profile has been finetuned and guidance for this element has been added.
  • MP-1395: The extension ext-AgreedAmount is removed from the MedicationAdministration profile and the examples.
  • MP-1406: Added extension ext-RegistrationDateTime to the AdministrationAgreement, MedicationAgreement and VariableDosingRegimen profiles.
  • MP-1417: The Administrator concept in the MedicationAdministration profile is reverted from HealthcareProvider to HealthProfessional, and its definition has been finetuned. This issue reverted the changes of MP-616.
  • MP-1486: The period-of-use search parameter for the MedicationStatement resource has been added to the RetrieveServe Base CapabilityStatement.
  • MP-1487: The subject search parameter (with :Patient modifier) has been added to the non-MedMij RetrieveServe CapabilityStatement for all relevant resources.

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