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Release notes

Version 2.0.0-beta.2 release of FHIR R4 conformance resources for Medication Process 9 (MP9) version 3.0.0-beta.2.

Please consult the implementation guide for more information:

This release includes the following changes:

  • MP-594: The PeriodOfUse SearchParameter has been updated so that a search request based on this parameter always includes the latest stopped AdministrationAgreement, MedicationAgreement and VariableDosingRegimen for each pharmaceutical treatment.
  • MP-679: References to the GstdQuantity pattern have been changed to the GstdSimpleQuantity pattern.
  • MP-840: Relaxed maximum cardinality of RelationEpisodeOfCare in DispenseRequest, MedicationAdministration2, MedicationAgreement, MedicationUse2 and VariableDosingRegimen profiles.
  • MP-999: Updated definition of MedicationCode and SubstanceCode in the PharmaceuticalProduct profile.
  • MP-1026: The ValueSet RedenWijzigen-StoppenGebruikCodelijst used in the MedicationUse2 profile has been updated
  • MP-1097: The comment on the .status element in the MedicationUse2 profile has been finetuned.
  • MP-1099: Relocated mappings to InstructionsForUse to the root in AdministrationAgreement, MedicationAgreement, MedicationUse2 and VariableDosingRegimen profiles. Added mapping to RenderedDosageInstruction (Description) in AdministrationAgreement and MedicationUse2 profiles.
  • MP-1120: Added mapping to the zib TimeInterval on the root of the zib-TimeInterval profile.
  • MP-1125: The nl-core package dependency has been updated to 0.10.0-beta.1.
  • MP-1132: Corrected comment on zib Interval in InstructionsForUse.DosageInstructions profile.
  • MP-1139: Added CapabilityStatement for MedMij use case. Moreover all existing CapabilityStatements have been updated.
  • MP-1140: Added version to PharmaceuticalProduct profile.
  • MP-1141: Several minor textual improvements to the profiles have been made.

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