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Release notes

Releasenotes for koppeltaalv2.00-0.10.0

  • FIX package version bump to v0.10.0
  • FIX update version of Nictiz packages
  • FIX KOP-634 add reference to documentation to AuditEvent.entity.type and enhance documentation
  • FIX KOP-653 set valueset of AuditEvent.agent.type to VZVZ valueset
  • FIX KOP-631 refer to more extensive documentation on the valueset for AuditEvent.subtype
  • FIX KOP-630 set system and code of AuditEvent.type to reduced ValueSet
  • FIX KOP-633 add comment that element is not used
  • FIX KOP-635 add comment that element is not used
  • FIX KOP-636 add comment that element is not used
  • FIX KOP-637 update documentation to better explain the use van values of participant.role
  • FIX KOP-624 fix validation error in example
  • FIX KOP-650 set cardinality of Task.for to 1..1 and fix examples
  • FIX KOP-629 explain the use of country codes better
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