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Release notes

||Changes to the active element|From the last release|PBI 5091| |2020-12-18|gd-Address.StructureDefinition-profile.xml|Added mapping to FREG (n/a) and shortname "bydelsnummer" to code|PBI 6786| |2020-12-18|gd-Address-cadastral.StructureDefinition-profile.xml|Added missing must support information|PBI 6786| |2020-12-18|gd-Address-street.StructureDefinition-profile.xml|Added missing must support information|PBI 6786| |2020-12-21|HL7 FHIR extensions copies|Removed the copy of adxp extensions, patient citizenship and patient nathionality from Grunndata-R4 as the definition is part of HL7 FHIR standard|N/A|

simplifier.core.r4.resources 4.0.1     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.types 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.base 4.0.1     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.v2tables 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.v3codesystems 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.valuesets 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.conceptmaps 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.tx 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.searchparameters 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.profiles 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.extensions 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4 4.0.2     unlisted 2.0.14
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