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Release notes

Changes in the 2.3.2 release

Date File Change description
2020-09-23 gd-person-status.StructureDefinition-extension.xml Bugfix of the valueset binding removed incorrect binding to|
2020-09-24 gd-Address-street.StructureDefinition-profile.xml Bugfix to documentation, added kommunenummer mapping information, won't affect the package
2020-09-24 gd-Person.StructureDefinition-profile.xml Bugfix to the element removed the valueset fixed value of system
2020-09-30 gd-person-identificationnumbertype.CodeSystem.xml Updated the codesystem name according to naming conventions
simplifier.core.r4.resources 4.0.1     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.types 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.base 4.0.1     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.v2tables 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.v3codesystems 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.valuesets 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.conceptmaps 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.tx 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.searchparameters 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.profiles 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.extensions 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4 4.0.2     unlisted 2.0.13
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