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Release notes

Bugfix version 2.0.14 2020-10-15

Include optional search parameter for no-basis-middlename with status active in the package. Updated search parameter to run error free on the Vonk server.

Updated address example in Person example

|no-basis-marital-status.codestystem.xml|Corrected two spelling errors in Display text "Registrert partner" and "Enke eller enkemann"| |no-basis-person-citizenship.structuredefinition-extension.xml|Corrected definition text of the resource/elements to person (not patient)|

simplifier.core.r4.resources 4.0.1     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.types 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.base 4.0.1     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.v2tables 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.v3codesystems 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.valuesets 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.conceptmaps 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.tx 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.searchparameters 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.profiles 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.extensions 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4 4.0.2     unlisted

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