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Release notes

Releasenotes for vzvz.fhir.aof-0.11.0-beta

  • FIX bump aof version again, due to error in tagging
  • FIX Bump version of aof package
  • FIX DataReference: fixes in profile and examples
  • FIX due to changes in naming convention, rule is no longer valid
  • UPDATE upgrade dependencies to* 0.7.0-beta.1
  • FIX fix QA errors
  • NEW AuditEvent profile for use in VZVZ
  • FIX validate examples and profile for DataReference
  • UPDATE No extensions or Basic resource
  • FIX updates to fix validation errors
vzvz.fhir.aof 0.12.3     latest
vzvz.fhir.aof 0.12.0-beta
vzvz.fhir.aof 0.11.0-beta
vzvz.fhir.aof 0.10.0-beta   processing
vzvz.fhir.aof 0.9.0-beta
vzvz.fhir.aof 0.1.0-beta.2
vzvz.fhir.aof 0.1.0-beta
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