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Release notes

First beta version of HL7 FHIR R4 compliant profiles and related conformance materials for ELZ.

This release contains the following changes:

  • ELZT-91: The profiles contained several slices on elements with a maximum cardinality of 1 which is not allowed by the FHIR spec, those slices have been removed.
  • ELZT-80: The slicing of hg-ReferralComposition has been changed in order to align with the structure of the data set. The .section elements have been sliced to "envelope" (Envelop) and "core" (Kern). The data set concepts from the aforementioned sections have been moved to slices inside those sections. SNOMED-codes are assigned to sections "core" and "envelope" to identify the content, see for more information. The code for section requiredConsultationFacilities has been changed to 230211000146109.
  • ELZT-78: To support future workflow and align with BSeR, the FHIR Task resource is added to the FHIR IG and a designated Task profile is created: hg-ReferralTask.
  • ELZT-76: The .status element of the ServiceRequest examples has been changed to "completed" and extra guidance is added on the .status element in the hg-ReferralServiceRequest profiles.
  • ELZT-72: Add CapabilityStatement for the use case "Referral from general practitioner to allied health professional".
  • ELZT-69: Updated the nl-core package dependency to version 0.9.0-beta.1.
  • ELZT-63: The FHIR ValueSet RequestPriority is linked to the element "Envelop.Urgentie" in ART-DECOR. The changed description for this element has been included in the hg-ReferralServiceRequest profil.e

Please consult the implementation guide for more information.

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