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Release notes

Version 2.0.15

  • issue #42
  • no-basis-relatedperson-person-reference Added extension to add person reference to the RelatedPerson.patient element
  • no-basis-RelatedPerson Removed reference to no-basis-Person and Person from RelatedPerson.patient
  • no-basis-RelatedPerson-Ærlend-Sørgård-person-extension.xml Added example to demonstrate the use of the new extension
  • no-basis-Organization Added slices for 8624, issue #69
  • no-basis-Organization Added slices for 8628, issue #69
  • no-basis-kommunenummer.namingsystem Added oid value as possible uniqueId for kommunenummer
  • no-basis-Address Updated the definition of district
  • no-basis-municipalitycode Added extension for municipalitycode
  • no-basis-Address Added extension municipalitycode in district
  • no-basis-Patient-Jannice-Søreng Added coded value to district, validated against updated Patient/Address profile, OK
  • no-basis-HumanName Changed cardinality of given 0..*
  • no-basis-DocumentReference status set to active
  • no-basis-Composition status set to active
  • All StructureDefintions updated to FHIR version: 4.0.1
hl7.fhir.core 4.0.1
hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1

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