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Release notes


  • Added NamingSystems for namespaces of patient pseudonyms in NUM-CODEX
  • Added requirements for Bloom filter and pseudonyms on Patient.identifier
  • Added Bundle profile for NUM-CODEX that checks presence of consent
  • Changed cardinality ‘Do-Not-Resuscitate Order’ Consent.dateTime 1..1
  • Changed cardinality ‘Diagnostic Report Radiology’ DiagnosticReport.effective[x] 1..1
  • Changed cardinality ‘Radiology Procedures’ Procedure.category 1..1
  • Changed SNOMED code in profile ‘Body height’ due to inactivation


  • Changed ICD/OPS/ATC URLs to match MI-I KDS updated dependencies
  • Added terms to CodeSystem supplement for validation support of SNOMED post-coordinated expressions
  • Changed ValueSets on Immunization profile to support terminology server validation
  • Changed German designations in Covid-19 symptoms ValueSet


  • Added dependency on de.einwilligungsmanagement 1.0.0
  • Changed dependency to de.medizininformatikinitiative.kerndatensatz.medikation 1.0.10
  • Changed dependency to de.medizininformatikinitiative.kerndatensatz.prozedur 2.0.0-alpha3
  • Changed dependency to de.medizininformatikinitiative.kerndatensatz.diagnose 2.0.0-alpha3
  • Changed dependency to de.medizininformatikinitiative.kerndatensatz.laborbefund 1.0.6
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