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Release notes


  • Added ids to all conformance resources
  • Fixed a bug in radiology procedures that prohibited using data-absent-reason extension on performed[x]
  • Fixed pregnancy status: made using literal reference Observation.subject.reference optional
  • Profile patient in ICU: switch Observation.code from custom to LOINC (see terminology)
  • Fixed validation errors in LogicalModel
  • Vital signs profiles: removed baseDefinition from FHIR core because of a bug that prohibited using effectivePeriod or data-absent-reason on effective[x]. Updated the constraint that checks the precision of effectiveDateTime.
  • Allowed multiple codings in blood pressure components and added appropriate examples
  • Updated pattern discriminator in FiO2, PaCO2, PaO2 and pH Observation.category.coding due to change in the underlying MII Laboratory Observation definition


  • New LOINC 95420-6 in profile PatientInICU replaces code “01” from CodeSystem ParameterCodeseCRF, thus deprecated the latter
  • Replaced 186019001 |Other ethnic, mixed origin (ethnic group)| by 26242008 |Mixed (qualifier value)| in ValueSet EthnicGroups because the former was inactivated by SNOMED
  • Updated SARS-CoV-2-Symptoms and CardiovascularDiseases ValueSet.identifier due to change in ART-DECOR
  • ICD-10-GM and OPS value sets have updated filters to only include terminal codes (endständige Schlüsselnummern)
  • Added version parameter to ICD-10-GM, OPS, ATC value sets due to inconsistencies between yearly releases in the source catalogues
  • Added CodeSystem supplement for SNOMED post-coordinated expressions
  • Updated post-coordinated codes in ValueSet RadiologicFindings to add validation and terminology server support
  • Switched German titles and descriptions to English
  • Refined definition and filters for ValueSet DialysisProceduresOPS, DrugTherapyOPS, DrugTherapyATC, ECMOTherapiesOPS, AceInhibitorsATC
  • ValueSet ChronicLiverDiseasesICD fixed wrong display for K74.6
  • ValueSet RheumatologicalImmunologicalDiseases fixed typo in German designation “Vaskulitis”
  • ValueSet ComplicationsCovid19 replaced erroneous 129561000119108 |Pre-renal acute kidney injury (disorder)| by 14669001 |Acute renal failure syndrome (disorder)|
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