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Release notes Simplifier 18.2, 18.3, 19.1

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These release notes contain the most relevant changes in Simplifier release 18.2, 18.3 and 19.1.

Project Server

Transform your project into a full-blown FHIR server within minutes. Our ‘yellow button’ project enables you to download your Simplifier project and run it as a Vonk FHIR server. Download the ZIP that includes a start script that will install a Docker container. Your server will operate based on your project conformance resources and hosts all the examples in your project as well. Requests to the server will validate against your StructureDefinitions.

Tree rendering

Our tree rendering for StructureDefinitions now displays three states: The differential - showing only the nodes that are changed by the author, the snapshot - which shows the consolidated final result, so it hides all nodes with cardinality 0. And the new hybrid state, which shows the changes made by the author in the context of the StructreDefinition’s base definition.

Import logging

Simplifier logs all changes to your project and resources, findable at the log tab. However, the import of resources was logged on an abstract level. We added detailed import logging under the project settings menu. Go to ‘Import log’ to find your project’s history of imports. Clicking on one of these shows you all the details of the import. It specifically can help you where resources went, if it was an insert, delete or update, and what the source (API, manual upload, GitHub push, etc.) was.

Zip endpoint

We have a new technical endpoint that allows you to upload and download zip files to your projects directly, without a user interface.<projectname>/zip

You can use a GET or a PUT. The zip file you upload does not have to contain all files of your project. Only a changed subset is enough. You do have to make sure that the file paths are preserved because those are used to identify your resources. The authorization of this endpoint uses JWT.

FHIR endpoint

The Simplifier FHIR endpoints<your-project> and supports the _lastUpdated parameter.

Our new homepage includes links to the pages for Validation, Snippets, Resolve Canonical and the Implementation Guide index.

Organization news

Organizations on Simplifier can publish their news items or blog entries. Previously these were published the moment you saved them. We have now added the option to publish them, to allow you to collaborate and review them before they become public.

Implementation Guide Export

Customers who can create implementation guides can export their Implementation Guide as static content. This feature has been here as a proof of concept for a while, but it is now mature enough to be generally used.

Other news from Firely
Michel Rutten
Introducing the new FHIR NPM package manager!
Martijn Harthoorn
We just released the Simplifier Package Server Public Beta. Now you can really version and publish your profiles. Get started by experiment with a published set of profiles from others by installing a package!
Martijn Harthoorn
The technical details on how to use packages. Watch the demo to see how Torinox can be used to install and restore a package.
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Forge release 19.4 for STU3 is now available. In this update, we have redesigned the main user interface to include a new Folder Explorer and Extension selection dialog.
Michel Rutten
Forge 19.3 represents a hotfix release with bug fixes for some issues reported by our customers.
Michel Rutten
Forge release 19.2 introduces a couple of new features. This update also restores connectivity to Simplifier, which was broken.
Martijn Harthoorn
The Simplifier team has been working on a command line tool (called Torinox) to make common operations on FHIR resources easier.
Michel Rutten
The Forge 19.1 release solves a couple of annoying issues reported the community. We strongly all users to recommend to install this update.
Michel Rutten
Blog article about Forge release 18.6 for FHIR STU3 where we discuss new features and changes, underlying architectural changes and the general application roadmap.
Martijn Harthoorn
Release notes of Simplifier for release 18.2, 18,3 and 19.1