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In this release we added support for showing translations and added many more widgets to your Implementation Guide editing!


FHIR has multiple functionalities to help users translate their resources in multiple languages. On the resource level the lang attribute specifies in which language the attributes of a resource are documented. With the Translation extension an author can add additional translations in other languages to elements that are translatable. With this release we will now parse those translations and show a language switcher for every detected language: As you can see, the resource shown above has a Dutch translation (nl-NL) which will show the user the Dutch translations of the Short Description and Definition in the details panel. Below we will also show how to add translated renderings to your Implementation Guide.

New functionality in the guide editor

Besides translation, we are also adding multiple long requested features to the Implementation Guide editor:

  1. An easy way to add tabs to your page with the <tabs> html code. Define your titles and their content to easily make this Tree / XML / JSON switcher.
  2. Also for FQL, you can now use HTML style tags, <fql>, to embed FQL code into your page. This will allow for more rendering parameters later.
  3. An easy way to show the differential / hybrid / snapshot switcher that you know from Simplifier resource pages. Just add the buttons parameter to your tree widget.
  4. In the 'front matter' of your Markdown page (the part between those --- lines) you can define parameters for your entire page. We already had support for defining the topic parameter for making stable page links. Now you can also define the subject of your page here: the resource name or canonical that this page is about. When you have done that your tree, xml en json widgets in the page will no longer need an individual parameter, making it a lot easier to create and maintain.
  5. And finally, we've also handed you control over how far the resource tree should be expanded by default! This can be handed directly to the tree widget, or can be set on the top of the page for all trees. Set expand to yes for full expansion, or choose the numeric expansion level of your choice.

With the lang attribute in tree widget you can also control which translation is shown, and this one too you can define on top of the page for all your trees at once.

Other updates

  • When editing the metadata expressions for your project (the FHIRPath expressions that decide what the title, description and URLkey of your project will be) you can now directly apply them to all existing resources.
  • You can now also spin up a full Firely Server from FHIR R5 projects on Simplifier.

See the documentation for the full release notes.

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