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Here's an update on what's new in Simplifier 30.6, including new features for guides, invites and canonical claims and a resolved security issue around private packages.

Security issue

Firely is ISO 27001 certified and has set high standards for data security. As such, we noticed in routine testing that metadata from a subset of private packages on Simplifier had inadvertently been loaded to the public FHIR Package Registry. This involved package metadata (like the name, description and author of the package) and metadata on the resources therein (including the resource name, type and canonical). The actual content of the FHIR resources were not disclosed.

We have immediately removed this data from the registry and will only start loading data again when the bug has been resolved. Our analysis indicates that this affected less than three percent of the total amount of packages and that this metadata has seen very limited actual views on the registry. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to our support team. We apologize for this incident and will take care to prevent this in the future.

Other improvements

  • Canonical claim matching is now smarter and will no longer prompt you to add all variations of your URLs as claims. Just claim the longest part of the URL that is shared among a large set of your resources.
  • We have substantially improved the invite process, removing many steps, supporting the invite of many users at once and allowing you to specify a message in the invite.
  • Supporting the breadcrumbs widget in guide templates, to allow a nice trail of the page hierarchy in your guides.
  • Supporting the page widget for rendering the contents of another page, including rendering the widgets from that page.
  • Support setting the subject of the page with name (by resource name) or canonical (by canonical URL).
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Els van bergeijk
This eBook provides a complete overview of the relevant US healthcare regulations, implementation guides, and technologies and will help you understand their scope.
Ward Weistra 🔥
An update on new features for guides, invites and canonical claims and a resolved security issue around private packages.
Martine Berden
Execute and evaluate CQL, Clinical Quality Language, on FHIR resources
Rob Langezaal
Forge is now officially supports the R5 FHIR release. Visualization of resources is now conistent with Simplifier.
Ward Weistra 🔥
With many more widgets for your implementation guide it's now a lot quicker to make a consistent IG page.
Ward Weistra 🔥
R4B and R5 are now available throughout Simplifier, Forge and Firely Terminal.
Martine Berden
The Call for Presentations for HL7 FHIR DevDays2023 is now open. Got a FHIR-related topic you think would interest your peers? Submit your proposal before February 1
Rob Langezaal
Forge is now officially supports the R4B FHIR release and can help you migrate from R4 to R4B. All versions now support opening and fixing resources in bulk.
Ward Weistra 🔥
Improvements to the Guide editing experience, PlantUML directly in your pages and a truck load of smaller fixes.
Rob Langezaal
Forge now supports Quality Control (already available in Simplifier and Firely Terminal) to improve the quality of your FHIR projects. In addition, you can now see all the file types supported by Simplifier in the project list view.