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To install the command line tool, download Firely Terminal
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Release notes

Release of FHIR STU3 conformance resources for iWlz to be used in a Proof of Concept project.

Please consult the implementation guide for more information.

Release notes


  • Rephrased the 'Retrieve indicatiegegevens' use case
  • Updated the list of profiles
  • Removed additional remarks on resource identification.

FHIR Package

  • Removed the Graphql mapping on .identifier of the Indicatie profile
  • Added PractitionerRole extension on .author of the Indicatie profile
  • Fix sliceName error in the 'duur' extension of the Beperking profile
  • Remove mapping and binding on .category of the BeperkingScore profile, which should be (and already are) in the Beperking profile
  • Updated CapabilityStatements
  • Updated all examples to the current package

Canonical claims

Some canonicals in this package do not match a canonical claim. Claimed