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Release notes

Nictiz NL package of FHIR STU3 conformance resources for HCIM Release 2017. Includes MedMij and HL7 NL. HCIMs:

This release contains the (backwards incompatible) changes for the Summer release 2020.01, which follows the earlier 2019.01 releases. It applies to the Nictiz FHIR STU3 conformance resources and MedMij information standards.

The following changes are included:

  • MM-1177 | The information standard specific artifacts for MedicationProcss, eAfspraak, Images and BgZ have been split out from the main project/package and put into separate projects/packages.
  • MM-1034 | It was not possible to distinguish a version-specific identifier among identifiers in the instance of a Media resource. This is solved by adding a mandatory fixed value at identifier.use in the identifier.

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