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Release notes

Bugfixes profile

no-basis-Patient - fixed official patient-citizenship extension-patient-citizenship, reincluded and regenerated the snapshot

Bugfixes examples

no-basis-Patient-Jannice-Søreng - removed no-basis-urban-district inherited from vkp example (not a part of no-basis-Patient)

no-basis-RelatedPerson-Ærlend-Sørgård - fixed reference to no-basis-marital-status CodeSystem (was ValueSet reference)

Removed xmlns and xsi tags from examples

Bugfix ValueSets

no-basis-maritalstatus.valueset.xml - fixed the url value of the ValueSet, from to

no-basis-family-relation.valueset - typo in CodeSystem

simplifier.core.r4 4.0.1     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.extensions 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.profiles 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.searchparameters 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.tx 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.conceptmaps 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.valuesets 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.v3codesystems 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.v2tables 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.base 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.types 4.0.0     unlisted
simplifier.core.r4.resources 4.0.0     unlisted

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