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Release notes

-Ported information from CA:FeX 1.0.0 Trial Implementation into new Simplifier Guide Structure.

  • Defined CA:FeX 2.0.0. DFT Scope and provided clarity on the Relationship to Other Specifications.
  • Provided guidance on FHIR Exchange Paradigms and defined CA:FeX Exchange Patterns, for example - single/multiple resource(s) exchange framework.
  • In Document Exchange, Added transactions CA:FeX 2B and CA:FeX 3B to define interactions with Hybrid Repositories (e.g., repositories that support both native FHIR Documents and legacy Binary documents).
  • Added Data Exchange page to cover guidance on how CA:FeX Transactions requirements for exchanging individual resources are enforced through the CA:FeX CapabilityStatement.
  • Highlighted best practices in privacy, security, and authentication on the Security.
  • Added Declaring Conformance pages to provide and guidance on how implementers can demonstrate and declare conformance.
  • Defined CA:FeX Server CapabilityStatement and Search Parameters.
  • Identified key functional Operations.
  • Developed supportive human readable descriptions of server requirements on the Capability Statements page.
  • Separated Response Handling information from RESTful API Interactions to form a new Response Handling page.
  • Updated Profiles and Extensions page to include pointers to CA Core project.
  • Updated Search Parameters page to include new custom search parameters to support retrieval of documents using chaining on Bundle

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