Canadian FHIR Registry

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The Sandbox project

avatar   attilafarkas   Friday, October 27, 2017
A place to learn and become proficient in using the platform

Launching the Canadian FHIR Registry

avatar   attilafarkas   Wednesday, August 2, 2017
Registry active and open for business - contact us and get your project started

The Canadian FHIR Registry is the place to host the national baseline of recommended FHIR profiles, extensions, value sets, URIs and other useful, commonly used components. Intent is to encourage reuse by posting Jurisdictional, Regional and vendor solutions derived from the national baseline, however, independent solutions are also welcome.

Please note that a user account on Simplifier is not a pre-requisite to participation or publishing of projects in the Canadian FHIR Registry.

Instead please contact the Administrator to request access.

Organization Implementation guides
FHIR eReferral iGuide - [DRAFT]