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Yesterday we hosted our 4-monthly customer webinar, where we always inform our professional customers first of what's new in Simplifier.net and Forge. Below I will summarize the highlights from this week's releases!

Forge: Fixes and R5 for the virtual HL7 FHIR Connectathon

We are releasing the first version of Forge for the upcoming FHIR R5!

The HL7 FHIR Connectathon 24 begins today, where professionals from all over the world come together to bring the FHIR standard even further. Why not use Forge R5 to play around with the new FHIR version? Since it’s virtual this time, you can download all the new Forge releases you want without overloading the WiFi network 😉

And as always, we released new versions of Forge for the stable FHIR STU3 and R4 versions, fixing bugs and improving the overall experience of profiling.

One major fix is the prevention of (and even removal of) the numerous structuredefinition-standards-status and structuredefinition-normative-version extensions that were popping up recently. While this was technically correct according to the FHIR spec, it was clearly not what we all want. So we are now working with the FHIR community to fix this in the specification and are removing them from your profiles for now.

Simplifier.net: Scope your resolving, validation and Implementation Guides

In our ongoing effort to allow you to be specific on your scope with FHIR packages we have taken another few big steps:

  • On the Resolve page you can specify in exactly what package (and it's dependencies) you want us to look
  • On the Validation page you can specify against what package you want to validate
  • On your Snippets (quick, sharable FHIR resources) you can now specify their package scope
  • In every Implementation Guide you can now refer to resources by canonical and set the scope of your IG in the settings

On the Validation page we also made it simpler to edit the resource you entered (just hit Back) and to save your content as a Snippet to save and share it.

More on packages: On the page of every FHIR package you can now download the package with snapshots included. Very useful for many tools that can't generate them.

We've also added made it possible to suppress any errors and warnings that come from known issues in the FHIR spec, like these ones.

Finally, we fixed many smaller and larger bugs, including an issue that created duplicate files in projects when connected to Github. Impacted users have been notified. It is still possible to create duplicate files in your packages (see the known issues), but we'll work to prevent that for you.

Other news from Firely
Rob Langezaal
Forge now supports Quality Control (already available in Simplifier and Firely Terminal) to improve the quality of your FHIR projects. In addition, you can now see all the file types supported by Simplifier in the project list view.
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Rob Langezaal
This minor Forge release mostly fixes a bunch of bugs, but there are some feature improvements as well, like making it easier to get your FHIR Shorthand files on Simplifier and adding new elements to logical models.
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Read all about the breaking changes, code clean-up, and code improvements we implemented
Matthijs van der Wielen
Synchronize your Simplifier projects with your local folders in Forge with one click.
Matthijs van der Wielen
The Firely Team is happy to announce the latest update to Firely Server.
Matthijs van der Wielen
Canonical Claims warnings are added to Projects and Packages.
Matthijs van der Wielen
We have released new versions of Forge for STU3, R4, R4B and R5.
Matthijs van der Wielen
Today we released Simplifier 27.3, with the theme Guide Versioning!
Ward Weistra 🔥
An updated version of Forge has been released with a fresh look, better packages support and improved usability around font scaling on zooming in. Full release notes in this item.