This Guide is the documentation for FQL - the Fhir Query Language.

What is FQL

FQL is a query language that allows you to retrieve, filter and project data from any data source containing FHIR Resources. It brings the power of three existing languages: SQL, Json and FhirPath.

Use case

The primary use case for FQL is to provide users who write Imlementation Guides in Simplifier with a tool to generate up-to-date tables of data that can only be found inside resources.

Broader usage

Although the primary goal is to make tables from FHIR data, FQL can be used in a much broader scope and can cast data into almost any form. FQL is also implemented in Torinox - a command line tool that is your swiss army knife for operating with FHIR resources.


The basics of FQL is working. But is pre-draft. We're still exploring the best way to achieve the primary goal: to give as much power to the user, without bringing complexity. The non technical user should be able to use it for simple use cases. While advanced user should be limited.