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Release notes

This package contains the following FHIR assets to support the ADS FHIR Bundle for MVP data items:

Profiles: UK Core ADS Bundle UK Core ADS Communication UK Core ADS Encounter UK Core ADS Ambulance Response Vehicle Location UK Core ADS Receiving Location

Extensions: Extension ADS AQI IncidentFlag Extension ADS AQI Response Time Extension ADS Response Category

ValueSets: ADSBundleType ADSReceivingLocationCAD ADSResponseCategory ADSResponseCategoryType ADSStopCodes ADSTreatmentType

CodeSystems: ADSBundleType ADSResponseCategoryType AmbulanceReceivingLocationCAD AmbulanceResponseCategory AmbulanceStopCodes AmbulanceTreatmentType

hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1
UK.Core.r4 1.3.0     unlisted

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