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Release notes

Release candidate 9 for eOverdracht 4.0 conformance resources.

The conformance resources in this package should be considered stable for common use. However, the resources might still be subject to small but non-backward compatible changes.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • EOVDR-254: The .context of NeedsOfPatientAndRelatedPersons in the eOverdracht package has been corrected so it can be used in conformance with the Composition profiles.
  • EOVDR-249: Open slicing has been applied to elements in Task and Composition that have a fixed value on .system and .code, which makes it possible to use additional .coding elements. This applies to all sections of the Composition resources, and others. The .code element in the Task profile has been changed, as well as the .type element of the Composition profiles.

The package containing the snapshot versions of the StructureDefinitions (profiles) can be downloaded on Simplifier.


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