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Release notes

Release candidate 8 for eOverdracht 4.0 conformance resources.

The conformance resources in this package should be considered stable for common use. However, the resources might still be subject to small but non-backward compatible changes.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • EOVDR-225: In the FHIR profile for the nursing handoff (Overdrachtsbericht), the cardinality for the Practitioner and PractitionerRole have been widened to 0..1 and 0..* respectively.
  • EOVDR-222: In all of the Composition profiles, the wrong discriminator for Composition.section:generalPatientContext.section:lifeStance has been adjusted to 'profile/resolve()', in line with the other slices.
  • EOVDR-221: In all of the Composition profiles, the fixed .section.code SNOMED/365867006 is added to the legalSituation slices.

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