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Release notes

Conformance package for eOverdracht 4.0, third release candidate.

The conformance resources in this package should be considered stable for common use. However, the resources might still be subject to small but non-backward compatible changes.

Known issues:

This release fixes the following issues:

  • EOVDR-67 | In all three Nursing Handoff profiles, the coding for the "Skin" section has been corrected to SNOMED code 106076001.
  • EOVDR-103 | In all three Nursing Handoff profiles, the cardinality for zibs AbilityToDrink, AbilityToEat, AbilityToWashOneself and AbilityToDressOneself have been relaxed to 0..*.
  • EOVDR-123 | In the Nursing Handoff profiles, the cardinality's for zib Stoma and zib AdvanceDirective have been adjusted from 0..1 to 0..* to align with the changes in the dataset.

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