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Release notes

Implementation Guide:

  • Guidance tab:
    • added Handling Exceptions page.
    • Service Design page:
      • changed structure to improve readability.
      • added links to the pages within Transaction Groups tab.
      • removed State tracking section.
      • removed details on the construction of a FHIR Message and added to the Health Board and PROMs provider page.
    • PSOM FHIR Data Model page:
      • added General FHIR Considerations section.
      • added Administrative resources section.
      • added Proxy completion of Questionnaires section.
      • added a legend to the FHIR Data Model diagram.
      • added guidance on the derivation of the profiles.
      • added a diagram for how a Collection Event is represented by FHIR Resources.
  • added Transaction Group tab.
  • Design tab:
    • Profiling Guidelines page:
      • changed the structure to improve readability.
      • added Implementation Guide Formatting section.
      • added Functional model as a Base section.
      • added Questionnaire Copyright subsection.
    • removed Naming Systems page.
    • changed the content of the Naming Conventions page.
  • Help and Support tab:
    • added Deployment page.
    • added Release Notes page.

FHIR Artefacts

  • changed mapping to DSCN Metadata version "2024004".
  • changed the slicing for ReferralIdentifier on CarePlan.identifier and added a separate Referral Idenfitier profile.
  • changed the mapping of TriggerEventDate from CarePlan.activity to Task.input.
  • changed the cardinality of Task.reasonCode to 1..1.
  • changed the Trigger Event Type CodeSystem.
  • changed slicing on CarePlan.activity.
  • added a MessageDefinition for Exception Response and a MessageEvent code exception-response.
  • added Pathway Laterality Extension to the CarePlan.
  • added examples for exception scenarios.
  • removed reference to CarePlan on QuestionnaireResponse.basedOn due to circular references (CarePlan -> Task -> QuestionnaireResponse -> CarePlan).
  • removed Metadata DSCN mapping of CarePlan.category:treatmentSpecialty.system.
Dependencies 1.0.0
fhir.r4.ukcore.stu1 1.0.0     unlisted
hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1 1.0.0
hl7.terminology 5.1.0
History 1.0.0-rc3     latest 1.0.0-rc2
Project FHIR PSOM Wales

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