Install instructions
To install the command line tool, download Firely Terminal
For using npm with FHIR packages, read more here
Release notes

New Feature "PKV"

Minor Changes

  • ErxReceipt with modified cardinality as it will have additional Binary für ePrescription-Hash (severside generated)
  • Removed unnesecary and unused workFlowTypes in CodeSystem and ValueSet "flowType"
  • modified samples (less handcrafted, connectathon outcome used)
  • removed dependency to KBV Medication-Profiles in MedicationDispense.Medication (switch to base Medication-Resource)


  • fixed slicing discriminator on ErxReceipt Bundle.entry
kbv.ita.erp 1.0.2
kbv.basis 1.1.3
de.basisprofil.r4 0.9.13     unlisted
hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1
kbv.ita.for 1.0.3