As a national centre of expertise for digital health, gematik supports the efforts of providers and users to make positive network effects possible.

gematik’s core area of expertise is relevant in five areas of action:

  1. A platform for a national telematics infrastructure:
    gematik establishes the basic functionalities and security measures for a common nationally usable platform so that it can be shared by as many participants as possible.
  2. A centre of expertise and a coordination centre for standardization:
    gematik coordinates the close communication with the community of standardization experts, the medical profession and industry. It hosts the round table for targeted and internationally implementable standardization on the basis of internationally recognized standards.
  3. A partner for providers and users:
    gematik advocates user-focused dialogue and provides advice regarding specific technical matters. It focuses on partnerships and these partnerships’ support for solutions. Only in exceptional cases does gematik develop applications of its own.
  4. A forum for future concepts of digital health:
    gematik has a wide network of contractual partners and supporters, including the central organizations of the healthcare system as shareholders. To promote the mutual dialogue about the future, gematik will develop the forum for sharing ideas and presenting innovative solutions.
  5. A European partner and moderator for national cooperation:
    In European projects, gematik specifically supports the promotion of uniform data formats for the cross-border sharing of patient data in the EU. It also closely cooperates with other national centres of expertise for digital healthcare and with European authorities.

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