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Release notes

ePrescription workflow specification. Resources for ePrescription workflow based on ePrescription-resources made by KBV. Requirements-Resources included as up to gematik specification relelease R4.0.2

As stated in the package version, this is a Beta-Package. Compared to 0.9.0-beta-samples THIS package now holds all ACTIVE resources as some were missed to be set ACTIVE

all AVTIVE resources can be regarded as final / released We will soon add some minor fixes on the examples included in the package

hl7.fhir.r4.core 4.0.1
de.basisprofil.r4 0.9.11     unlisted
kbv.basis 1.1.0
kbv.ita.for 1.0.1
kbv.ita.erp 1.0.0

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