The New Zealand FHIR Registry is the home for the HL7® FHIR® artefacts that are most important to an interoperable digital health ecosystem in Aotearoa New Zealand. Software developers can freely share and reuse the FHIR profiles and implementation guides posted here.

The registry supports the development of FHIR APIs for national digital services such as the National Health Index (NHI), Health Provider Index (HPI) and National Immunisation Solution (NIS), as well as Hira, the national health information platform.

The FHIR NZ Base implementation guide is also published here.

And all FHIR artefacts endorsed by the Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) will be published in the registry.

The registry is hosted on the platform provided by Netherlands company Firely. Learn more about the tool in the Simplifier documentation library. Our registry setup follows the example of the Canadian FHIR Registry and the United Kingdom’s NHS Digital FHIR Registry.

Developers can use FHIR Shorthand command line tools to create and upload definitions or use the Forge GUI tool. The registry will be integrated with the NZ Health Terminology Service and HISO standards resource centre.

The registry is co-governed by Te Whatu Ora and HL7 New Zealand. We invite everyone’s participation.

Email to request your account (limited to three per organisation initially).

The Sandbox project is the place to get started. The Community Content project is then where you can share your work and collaborate with others.


More News

The next version of the IPS has just been published

avatar   alastairkenworthy   Friday, December 2, 2022

See it here|1.1.0 or here And we've copied the package into our NZIPS project as the starting point for our own derivative

Version 2 of the FHIR NZ Base IG

avatar   alastairkenworthy   Thursday, October 20, 2022

HL7NZ has just published the second version of the HL7 FHIR® NZ Base Implementation Guide

The FHIR for Jurisdictions Handbook

avatar   alastairkenworthy   Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Firely has published an e-book on the experiences of NHS Digital, HL7 Germany and other users in developing FHIR® implementation guides for their jurisdictions. Useful reading as our NZ approach takes shape, led by the HL7NZ FHIR Implementation Work Group on the FHIR NZ Base project

Support for FHIR R4B and R5

avatar   alastairkenworthy   Thursday, December 9, 2021

FHIR NZ Registry on future support for FHIR R4B and FHIR R5

Welcome to the NZ FHIR Registry

avatar   alastairkenworthy   Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The national home for locally-produced HL7® FHIR® artefacts

The project for the Health Identity Platform, National Immunisation Register and other national digital services developed by the Ministry of Health
updated 52 resource(s) 10 member(s)
The HL7 New Zealand project to develop the FHIR NZ Base Implementation Guide
updated 147 resource(s) 5 member(s)
The Hira project to develop a national health information platform for Aotearoa New Zealand
updated 173 resource(s) 4 member(s)
The disposable sandbox project for new users to learn how to use Simplifier and the NZ FHIR Registry
updated 952 resource(s) 19 member(s)
The Community Content project for everyone's contributions
updated 59 resource(s) 5 member(s)
The project for ACT-NOW and other initiatives by Te Aho o Te Kahu | Cancer Control Agency
updated 1 resource(s) 3 member(s)
NZ adaptation of the International Patient Summary FHIR IG
updated 147 resource(s) 4 member(s)
The project to create a national medicines data repository for New Zealanders
updated 1 resource(s) 4 member(s)
HL7 FHIR International Patient Summary (IPS)
This project list has no projects.
This project list has no projects.
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MedicAlert NZ First Responder API IG
Implementation Guide for the MedicAlert first responder FHIR API
Covid-19 Immunization API - DRAFT VERSION
Implementation details for the Covid-19 Immunization API - DRAFT VERSION
Sandbox - Deprecated - MedicAlert NZ First Responder API
Implementation Guide for the MedicAlert first responder FHIR API
New Zealand FHIR Implementation Guide Index
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No description
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